Transparency creates Trust

Financial markets, their mechanisms and products are complex and sometimes confusing – we create the necessary transparency.

Investors and financial service providers have a wide variety of goals and interests. This can lead to misunderstandings and conflicts. It is important to avoid this, preferably in advance. This strengthens trust and builds the base for a long-term business relationship. We convey our expertise, experience and competence and thus create a better basis for decisions in the financial sector in the interests of all parties involved. We do not see ourselves as all-rounders, but will add or consult experts from our extensive network if necessary.

Our areas of expertise are:

  • Structured products, cash management, currency management
  • Asset Management
  • Code of Conduct
  • Fee Models
  • Distribution and Marketing
  • Infrastructure (systems for trading, market data, reporting and asset management)

Understanding and recognizing Risks and Context enables to control it


This applies to all parties, although the risks can be of different nature. We see ourselves as a partner who creates the necessary transparency for an investment decision, a project or a specific subject. Our preliminary clarifications and due diligence can prevent misunderstandings.


Financial Building Blocks

Your concern to the point. Whether a financial product or mandate, we support you in the selection and search process and work out a short list with you, with a corresponding strength and weakness analysis.

Target group: Investors and financial service providers

Expert Opinion/Assessment

Misunderstandings do not have to be, but they do happen naturally when more than one party is involved. Ideally, they can be clarified in advance. In the event of disputes or legal cases, we offer our services as well.

Target group: Investors, financial service providers, trustees, lawyers as well as regulatory institutions

Strategy Development

Marketing strategies and customer experience – we support you with communication, infrastructure issues and the development of your unique selling points. This creates trust and strengthens the brand and reputation.

Target group: financial service providers and family offices

Transparency without Conflict of Interests


We do not sell or provide any financial products and we work exclusively on a fee basis.

We clarify and develop goals and deliver results by showing the advantages and disadvantages of different options. Transparency gives the best basis for decisions.


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